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Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Body Glove

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The Performer 11 ISUP (Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board) is adventure-ready and crafted to meet the needs of paddlers of all levels. Designed for incredible stability and durability. Delivers superior performance with features to offer, both aesthetic and ergonomic, including a sleek silver ClearTech Inflatable Material design and more:

  • Translucent leash to match your board
  • Upgraded action camera mount
  • Cargo bungee with new stability harness
  • Going Green: Starting in 2021, all plastic packaging will be replaced with recyclable paper products.

This ISUP package is easily portable and includes many convenient accessories. When you are ready to hit the water, the high-pressure hand pump can inflate the board in as little as 5 minutes. When it is time to pack up, the board can quickly be deflated and fit in the included backpack. Made from a sleek, two-tone, puncture-resistant PVC, it can support over 145 kg/320 lb, allowing you to bring children or dogs aboard. The 3-piece adjustable travel paddle allows for increased portability and ease of use. Including accessories and the board, the backpack weighs just 14.5 kg/32 lb.

Accessories included:

  • Lightweight 3-piece adjustable paddle (178-216 cm/70-85″)
  • High-pressure, dual-action hand pump
  • 11′ translucent ankle coil leash
  • Carry-all backpack
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Electric Paddle Board Pump

A digital pressure Display informs you of pumping progress and you can set a PSI value as a target.

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Performer 11 ISUP (Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board) from Body Glove with Hand Pump and Carry-All Backpack.